About Us

Company Background

 trucksGPC ENERGY AND LOGISTICS LIMITED was incorporated on the 9th of November, 2009 to transact business in Oil & Gas and Logistics Services.

GPC ENERGY AND LOGISTICS LIMITED has been organized and positioned to take full advantage of the various opportunities in Nigeria’s downstream Oil & Gas and Haulage Services portends.

The quality of management, consultants, suppliers, lenders and staff working with the company enables us acquire a highly effective global intelligence capability and as such guide us to predict shifting socio-economic forces and respond appropriately in good time. This has seen the company experience an unprecedented level of success and rate of growth in just over 5 years of full operations.

Our dedication to long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers ensures that we are a company which will be successful both in the short term and in the long term as well.

Structures that enable the management team assess various situations from all possible angles are also being employed to provide efficient and effective solution to challenges. Our management team comprises seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs who have acquired specialist knowledge and expertise in transportation, oil and gas and marketing. Our individual skills are galvanized by an indomitable resilience and team spirit that characterizes the GPC Energy and Logistics workforce.

GPC ENERGY AND LOGISTICS LIMITED is strong and balanced, with a visionary approach and run by an astute management team on positive business values and strategies. The company seeks to add value, and deliver solutions always whilst taking advantage of sound business opportunities available.

As a company, we believe in the strength of ideas, and of technical excellence and financial prudence.

Business Vision

Our vision is the very foundation on which this company was founded. This is our compass and ultimate guide for all our activities.

  1. Our Vision

To be a global leader in products and services anchored on innovation and sustainability

  1. Our Mission

To be a reference player in quality products and services

delivery in Nigeria.


  1. Our Core Values (TRIPPS)

These are the values that act as a guideline for all our operational activities







Our Business Scope

Our areas of business operations include, but are not

limited to:

⦁ Local and International Procurement Services

⦁ Freight Clearing and Forwarding Services

⦁ Road Transport, International Haulage and Distribution Services

⦁ Mobile Asset Tracking Services

We are in partnership with a good number of trading concerns in nearby West African Countries for Outbound Logistics services.

They engage our company as their Nigerian Representative for their procurement and delivery to their home countries, using our fleet of premium trucks. These include clients in Cotonou, Ivory Coast, Cameroun and Ghana. This is a veritable source of foreign exchange earnings not only for the company but also for the country in general.


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